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Life is colourless without the freedom of eating different things. But it becomes difficult when your you find a dentist who forbids you from eating certain things. This is a tough situation to go through. Let us go through some basics about Dental Care in Canada.

History of Canadian Dentistry

Modern Dentists in Canada follow the footsteps of Dr Ralph Craword's "A Century of Service". From this we come to know that the evolution of dental clinics is basically a struggle of over a hundred years.

After 1867, right from the beginning, Canada has enjoyed progress in all walks of life. Medical sciences is one of the examples of the great progress achieved by the country. At the beginning of the 20th century, Dentists in Canada were resolute to formulate some rules and regulations. this was done in the best of public interests. Dental clinics and Dental Care Office could be found at during those years as well. but the difference is that, at that times nobody cared for the law. At present, everybody is bound to abide by the law and so are the doctors associated with Dental care in Canada. During those years in 20th century, it was difficult to find an efficient dental clinic. But with the passage of time, regulatory authorities like CDA, have become more influential to address the situation.

In the year 1899, Dr George Beers, mentioned some problems in the provincial policies and he stressed on the need of integrated set of rules for all the states. With the passage of time, more and more officials joined hands with Dr. George Beers. This was a huge step to eliminate the quacks fro the country. As a result, CDA came into being as the regulatory authority for the Dental Care in Canada. On November 1, 2001, CDA completed its one hundred years in service. On the same occasion, CDA announced to introduce a whole new structure in order to organize Dental in Canada, more efficiently.

Statistics show that the demand for high quality Dental Clinics had never been great until 1950. But with the discovery of new techniques and innovations introduced by bio technology, people have become more sophisticated about their overall health. It has also changed the thoughts about teeth as well. Now people are as sophisticated about their teeth as they are about their heart.

We are aware of these changes and this is the reason that we provide the Best Dental Care in Canada. You can visit our testimonial page whenever you want. You can see the feedback of our visitors who are satisfied with our service to a great extent. We still appreciate your feedback and suggestions as well. This is what we are looking for. Our motto is to work with people, by listening to their demands.

We are not doing business. It is public welfare, and we are responsible for the dental health of public. We know our responsibilities that is why we are here to serve you with the best of our capacity.